Insurance for Car – Is it just for idiots?

When comedian Jerry Seinfeld, it comes with a compact rental car having booked a mid size, you decided to purchase the rental car insurance. Why? In his own words, “I was going to beat the crap out of the blue Ford Escort.”
Jerry could afford to buy an insurance policy, auto rental and as justified, but what about the rest of us, the common and ordinary people who do not have the intension to buy a apoliza insurance for a rental car.
While many travelers are guided by the “do not buy optional coverage rent” axiom, the question is would this be right?
There are times when buying rental car insurance is a waste of money and there are times when it can make sense.
These are the facts you should know when deciding whether or not to purchase ala purchase insurance your car rental agency.
Your Auto Insurance Policy
Did you know that in many cases, your existing insurance policy personal auto, car rentals also covers? Yes, you can pay for insurance coverage you already have at your disposal. Usually, if you have collision insurance, which would be covered by the expenses related to the collision. Conversely, if you have liability coverage, that policy would cover damage to the vehicles of people to the limit as you would your own car.
But keep in mind that not all policies have this provision. It is important to check with your insurance agent before leaving on a road trip. Even if you are covered for vacation, there may be exceptions and exclusions. For example, you can only be covered if you are the one coduciendo.
Situations might call for a car rental insurance.
If you do not have your own car and therefore do not have an existing policy on personal auto insurance and do not have a credit card that offers coverage hire, you can benefit from buying a car insurance policy rental.
However, there are situations which are much less obvious that lead to choose this coverage too.
If you are carrying a precious relic or carrying a camera, a laptop or an iPod, you may want to opt for a policy that covers the personal property while in transit.
You may also need special coverage if you are driving a rental car to cross the country’s borders or whether you are renting a car in a foreign country.
It is also advisable to check the amount of the deductible on your car insurance policy staff, such as coverage of the rental company may have much lower.
Some rental companies require you to pay for the initial damage and come to collect money from your insurance company. If you buy insurance from them, they’ll take care of the insurer directly. And if you will not be the driver, you must ensure that the driver has his own policy before saying “no” to cover the rental agency.
Just remember – not the counter rental agent approach without doing your homework first. The insurance offered by car hire companies is very expensive; and sometimes you can double the daily rate you are paying rent.
Study the insurance company hire online before making a personal appearance. Do not let the agent – no matter how well you speak wash their brains with packages that ultimately required. And when in doubt, ask a professional.
Never buy optional coverage rent “, instead, take a well-considered and informed decision based on your particular situation. Enjoy your road trip more comfortable, knowing that the insurance policy will cover you have any accidents that may occur.

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