SAGA Car Insurance

Insurance Saga Car is designed for drivers 50 and older and our full cover is available from only £ 120 a year – in fact, 10% of customers who took a new policy and opted to pay annually, paid this or least between April and June 2015.

With our comprehensive policy will benefit from the following standard:

Cover uninsured driver
Up to £ 1,000 personal belongings cover
Windshield / glass repairs
Vandalism cover

Why choose Saga car insurance?

Global coverage of only £ 120 a year – 10% of customers who took a new comprehensive policy with us, between April and June 2015, and paid annually, paid this or less.
Defaqto 5 star rating – Comprehensive car insurance. We have received the highest rating of the company Defaqto independent financial research, which means it is an excellent product with a wide range of features and benefits.
All these comes with our comprehensive car insurance …
Cover uninsured driver – if an uninsured driver hits your car, through no fault of their own, as long as you provide your vehicle registration and details of the accident will refund any overpayment and discount No claim will not be reduced
Vandalism cover – without affecting its discount No Claim
You get coverage of your home – in case your car is immobile after an accident, you can claim up to £ 500 for travel and / or hotel expenses
Guaranteed replacement car – up to 14 days while yours is being repaired by one of our approved repair shops following an incident in the UK
‘Any driver’ emergency cover – in case of a medical emergency interrupts your trip, any driver can take over driving or taking your car back home
Up to £ 1,000 personal belongings – cover for items such as mobile phones, laptops, glasses and portable Sat Nav units, fire, theft and accidental damage
Unlimited audio / visual cover – for permanently fitted equipment such as satellite navigation, the CD or MP3
Repairs of windshields, windows and glass sunroof – no overpayment and discount No claim will not be affected if one of our authorized repairers is used throughout the country
Cover in the European Union – it can lead to the EU for an unlimited period at no additional cost
Two years of new for old “cover – for new and used cars up to one year of age, a new car you get, no matter how many miles are on the clock, and cars between one and two years of age are covered up to 12,000 miles
Off the car – for each additional insured car in the same direction for drivers over 50 years you receive a discount of 5%.
Please see our Summary of Coverage for more information

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