The 15 cheapest cars to insure in 2015

There are many things to consider when buying a vehicle to ensure nuevoy.

How it feels and looks is important, but what does it cost?

Including fuel consumption, the potential resale value, and the monthly auto insurance premium is usually the deciding factor.

To help buyers determine which cars are actually the cheapest in the market, the company led a recent comparison of insurance rates for more than 1,500 vehicles per company

This list ensures full coverage of the annual cost of the cheapest 15 cars by six large insurance companies, for example, for a male driver age 40 years, with good credit, a clean record and a trip of 12 miles ensure car is made easier and can find great coverage plans to comfortable prices.

As expected, family vehicles, usually are conducted by the Wise parents and are cheaper to ensure flashy sports cars, but other affordable models may not be what you expect.

1. The Jeep Wrangler Sport: your coverage is worth about $ 1.134 a year. The least expensive standard market model, this two-door SUV 4 × 4 stands out for its 3.6-liter Pentastar V6.

This model was also recently ranked first in terms of resale value of the compact SUV. (Retains 57.4 percent of their original list price of $ 23,500 after five years.)

2. The Jeep Patriot Sport (2WD): the price of coverage is approx. of $ 1,136 a year. Cheaper and roomier than a Wrangler, the two have wheel drive elJeep Patriot is more suitable for off-road family. Cruise control wheels are standard and 16 inches, but the Sport package lacks power accessories and air conditioning. The company says that there are better options for consumers that the Patriot, citing problems such as lack of storage space, disappointing quality up, and the basic choices are very mediocre.

3. The Honda CR-V LX (AWD) with a coverage approx. of $ 1,160 a year. The LX is the simplest of the available equipment packages, but still comes with a rearview camera and hands-free texting. All CR-V models are powered by a 2.4-liter, four-cylinder engine, while the all-wheel drive included in this model is an improvement. The CR-V is rated best in US News & World Report list of affordable compact SUV with a cost of $ 24.695. The review highlights a spacious interior, steering response and good fuel economy.

4. Dodge Grand Caravan SE Plus: $ 1.162 per year. The minivan rank high in the list, the Dodge Grand Caravan carries a mixed reputation, but offers some features to consumers who might. The second and third rows of seats can be placed at ground level, creating a lot of cargo space and rear seats can be flipped to face the back.

The SE Plus has a market value of $ 25.245; cheaper package fit., The AVP, begins at $ 21.795. This is the last year that the caravan will be available.

5. Honda Odyssey LX: $ 1.163 per year. The Honda Odyssey minivan is a favorite among critics of cars, but with a value of $ 28,975, being more expensive than other cars in this list. Still, it is notable for its smooth ride, quiet and comfortable ride, security classification and fuel efficiency (for its class). The LX is the base model, but still includes a rearview camera, Bluetooth, Pandora compatibility and electrically adjustable front seats.

6. Jeep Compass Sport (2WD): $ 1,164 a year. This third model Jeep on the list, as the Patriot Sport is less expensive than a Wrangler, to a value of $ 18,995. It is also like the majority of company cars Jeep in the off-road can only be outside the limits of this model, the front-wheel-drive. That does not mean it is not a good compact SUV, however; There are many criticisms of the experts of the company Edmunds and The Car Connection and research center.

7. The Subaru Outback 2.5i: approx coverage. of $ 1.176 per year. The 2015 Outback has been redesigned and offers a spacious interior, elegant body and a precise direction. All Outbacks series come with all-wheel drive, making this a suitable vehicle for outdoor adventures. Motor Trend concludes that the 2015 Outback is bigger and handles better than the competition. The 2.5i is the base model and starts with a value of $ 24.895.

8. Ford Edge SE (2WD): $ 1,176 a year. A midsize crossover with seating for five, the Ford Edge SE is comparable to the Honda CR-V LX, according to The Car Connection, (although this model has front-wheel drive). Other critics appreciate the high-quality look and feel, an EcoBoost engine and a quiet ride. The base model has a list price of $ 28,100.

9. Smart Fortwo Pure: $ 1,186 a year. The Smart Fortwo is a two-seater about half the size of a sedan, which makes finding a parking space is incredibly easy. But it is worth $ 13,270 this model is more comfortable and will not give you fear of driving on a highway. Its accessories are cheap eg although there are options for windows and mirrors ($ 80), radio ($ 350) and power steering ($ 550). Air conditioning is standard.

10. Ford Escape S (2WD): $ 1,190 a year. One of the crosses best sellers in the market, the Escape out with its style and sharp handling. Reviewers say it is fun to drive on winding roads, although you may feel shaky at times. Even the basic setting level S (with a price of $ 22.960) comes with full power accessories, sound system six speakers, air conditioning, rear-view camera and voice command system Ford Sync.

11. Nissan Xterra X (2WD): $ 1,200 a year. Based on the Nissan Xterra Frontier pickup platform shared (it costs $ 23,660) inside is easy to clean. The Car Connection points out that the owners give up some amenities (easy to clean surfaces are hard plastic), but they get a vehicle that is versatile, comprehensive, and ready for the off-road.

12. Dodge Journey AVP: $ 1.201 per year. The value of the US package, the base model starts at $ 20.295 and is a good economical choice for consumers looking for a midsize crossover. The AVP trip up to five people, but an optional third row can be agregaada an additional two seats. The four-cylinder engine can feel tense, but is the only option available at this level of equipment.

13. Buick Encore: $ 1.205 per year. The Buick Encore is a crossover subcompact, is slightly larger than a standard hatchback and feels more luxurious than the competing Honda HR-V, Mazda CX-3 and Jeep Renegade, but no need to pay for a luxury brand. The Encore is available for a value of $ 24,065 and up. There are five seats, but in fact only fits four adults to be comfortable.

Reviewers also say the 1.4-liter engine does not have enough thrust or fuel efficiency you might expect of a small subcompact motor; but like almost everything else.

14. Chevrolet Spark LS (Manual): $ 1,206 a year. Chevy Spark is a four-door hatchback that works well for drivers in the city and is quite economical: MSRP for this model costs only $ 12,270. Despite being small and light, the spark feels and drives like a “real car,” says Edmunds. This practical car that seats four people and gets up to 40 mpg. The basic LS trim comes with air conditioning, power windows and a sound system with four speakers.

15. Toyota Tacoma Access Cab (2WD): $ 1,210 a year. The only truck on this list is a leader in the compact class / medium.

The Tacoma is not as powerful or as comfortable as a full-size, but is known for its durability and does well when stacked against the competition. The two door, the basic version of Access Cab comes with a 2.7-liter, four-cylinder engine, air conditioning, gearbox and two rear seats that are best suited for children. It is easy to drive, but with a starting price of $ 20.965, which is more expensive than comparable models.

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